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There are many ways for members to become involved with the
AAHS. Whether volunteering for a committee, participating in events and advocacy, or interacting with other members, the AAHS encourages every member to participate in the ongoing activities of the AAHS.

Volunteer with the AAHS

Thank you to all AAHS members who have volunteered for a member committee.  The AAHS is currently reviewing volunteer information to form these committees.  As the AAHS has a diverse membership, it is important for all members, including patients with sleep disorders, sleep providers, and others interested in healthy sleep, to participate on AAHS committees.  These committees will help to steer the course of the AAHS over the next year and beyond, and this is an opportunity for members to use their experience, knowledge and passion to help improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders and spread the importance of healthy sleep. Although the deadline to participate on a committee has passed, if you are still interested in volunteering with the AAHS, please contact the AAHS at

Membership Committee: The membership committee provides recommendations regarding membership benefits and activities to the Board of Directors. Committee goals include:

  • Review current member benefits and provide suggestions for improvements or additional member benefits
  • Solicit submissions or develop content for the AAHS quarterly member newsletter
  • Oversee Board of Directors Elections
  • Provide feedback about the 2019 annual member meeting to the Program Committee
  • Serve as AAHS social media ambassadors

Advocacy Committee: The advocacy committee identifies health policy issues of importance, recommends advocacy initiatives and implements organizational advocacy programs. Committee goals include:
  • Build partnerships with other organizations with similar advocacy agendas
  • Identify and prioritize access to care issues
  • Develop educational materials and programs to advance advocacy initiatives, including improved access to sleep care and sleep research
  • Monitor policy issues and provide direction to the Board of Directors on emerging policy issues

Program Committee: The program committee plans and implements AAHS educational programs and meetings.  Committee goals include:
  • Plan annual member meeting
  • Plan one educational program for members to be held during 2018-2019 addressing current advocacy priorities, including increased access to sleep care and sleep research
  • Evaluate resources currently offered by the organization to determine gaps in programming/resources that may be addressed in future programming

Medical Advisory Committee: The medical advisory committee advises the Board of Directors on issues of medical or scientific interest and reviews the medical content of AAHS publications, resources and programs. Committee goals include:
  • Answer Ask the Expert submissions, forum questions, and other patient member questions as needed
  • Develop or review medical content for AAHS medical features, provider “perspectives”, brochures, and other projects as requested
  • Serve as medical experts to the Board of Directors on medical or scientific issues
  • Participate in AAHS activities or member meetings as expert contributors

APSS SLEEP 2018 is a joint meeting between the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society and is the premier meeting for sleep providers, including physicians, researchers, technologists and other sleep providers. It is being held in Baltimore, Maryland June 2-6, 2018.

The AAHS will be hosting a Learning Lounge session during APSS SLEEP 2018.  Learning Lounge sessions are one-hour sessions that allow for discussion of new services that can benefit providers and their patients.  The AAHS’s Learning Lounge will be held Wednesday (June 6) afternoon.  The session will focus on supporting patients with sleep disorders through services and engagement including current support services, common problems and needs in relation to supporting patients, and how to increase engagement.  The AAHS is looking for both patient and provider members who either live in the Baltimore area or will already be attending SLEEP 2018 that would be available to serve on a 3-person panel to discuss this topic.  This will be a 30-minute moderated panel followed by a question and answer session.  If you are interested in serving on this panel, please contact by May 19, 2018.


Contribute your story

Contact to share your story. Everyone in the sleep community benefits from the sharing of information, resources and personal stories regarding your experience living with a sleep disorder, working with patients with sleep disorders or fighting for healthy sleep causes. The AAHS spotlights a new member issue every month and is always looking for members to contribute their stories!

Have you had a breakthrough with your disorder? Have you talked to media or been featured on a blog?  Have you started a new support group?   If you'd like your recent accomplishment highlighted in our next member newsletter, please contact  

Join a Support Group

The AAHS has a list of local support groups available for your disorder in your area or contact the AAHS at for assistance in starting a new support group.