2020 AAHS Leadership Elections

The American Alliance for Healthy Sleep invites members to participate in the 2020 AAHS Leadership Election by recommending candidates for AAHS Board of Director positions.  The AAHS Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the AAHS and currently consists of five board members: Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and three additional Directors.  Current offices AAHS is seeking recommendation for include Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and two Director positions:

Chair of the Board of Directors: Presides at all meetings of the AAHS and is the official spokesperson of the AAHS.

Secretary/Treasurer: Keeps minutes of all AAHS Board Meetings, as well as any membership meetings and is the custodian of all AAHS records, including membership records. The Secretary/Treasurer also oversees the management of all AAHS funds.

Director: Makes policy for the AAHS as a member of the Board of Directors.

The Chair and Secretary/Treasurer positions are 1-year terms, effective January 1, 2020.  Director positions are 3-year terms, effective January 1, 2020. All Board members are required to attend an annual face-to-face meeting and bi-monthly Board meeting conference calls, as well as perform any additional duties as necessary for the position.

Current AAHS Board Chair, Patti Van Landingham, and Secretary/Treasurer, Scott Williams, MD, are not eligible to serve additional terms in their respective positions; however, they are eligible to serve in other Board positions. Current Board Directors William Dahl and Eric Olson, MD are eligible to serve an additional term as Directors. Current Board Director Brad Axelrod, PhD will continue his current term through 2020.
AAHS patient and provider members are eligible to serve on the AAHS Board of Directors; general members and non-members are not eligible.

Recommendations must be submitted by August 2, 2019.  Self-recommendations should include a resume or bio-sketch detailing pertinent experience and a short personal statement.  Individuals recommended by a third-party will be contacted by the AAHS.  Following all recommendations, the AAHS Board of Directors will review recommended candidates, and submit nominations for each position to the AAHS voting membership at a later date.

Rules regarding election procedures, Board positions, duties, and terms are established in the AAHS Bylaws. Please direct any questions, concerns, or recommendations to Melissa Clark, Managing Director, at mclark@sleepallies.org.