Surveys available for patients with sleep apnea

August 2, 2018


The Sleep Apnea Patient-Centered Outcomes Network (SAPCON), which can be found at MyApnea.Org, is a network of over 10,000 sleep apnea patients. It was created by people with sleep apnea and health care providers and researchers to empower patients. On MyApnea.Org, patients can find information and perspective from other patients living with sleep apnea, as well as learn about sleep apnea from research and education blogs.


For the past three years, MyApnea.Org has surveyed sleep apnea patients across the world on a variety of topics; new research surveys seeking patients’ feedback about sleep, symptoms, and health have just been released, and SAPCON is looking for all interested sleep apnea patients to complete these new surveys. These surveys will help the SAPCON researchers learn how to best treat and manage sleep apnea and will help physicians better understand patient needs and values.


The basic surveys take less than 30 minutes to complete for most people and do not have to be completed all at one time.  The surveys may be completed from a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Participants who complete the surveys will be entered into a $50 gift card sweepstakes and will also receive a personal sleep report that can be printed and share with health care providers.


For more information or to take these surveys, visit