UnitedHealthcare unveils prescription savings program

March 6, 2018

UnitedHealthcare announced today that it will expand pharmacy discounts to over 7 million people enrolled in their fully insured commercial group benefit plans, which will serve to lower out-of-pocket costs for these individuals by providing them with rebate savings from manufacturers directly during purchase. If a manufacturer provides a rebate for a drug, the savings will apply directly to the point-of-purchase cost when the individual fills a prescription at a pharmacy or for home delivery.

In a released statement, Dan Schumacher, president and COO of United Healthcare said, “United Healthcare is uniquely positioned to delivery new value and clarity to health care, and pharmacy benefits in particular”.  Schumacher also indicated that customers use their pharmacy benefits more frequently than any other type of benefit, and this change will serve to lower out-of-pocket costs for those customers that frequently purchase prescriptions for which there are rebates available. 

HHS Secretary Alex Azar stated that this supports the Trump Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services’ agenda of lower prescription drug prices, and that this type of policy shows “clear momentum toward the type of innovation in the private-sector that will be an important part if the value-based transformation that is coming to America’s healthcare system.”

This program goes into effect on January 1, 2019.