American Alliance for Healthy Sleep seeks change through collaboration

January 16, 2018

Between 50 to 70 million Americans are affected by sleep disorders; the American Alliance for Healthy Sleep (AAHS), a new membership organization founded by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, seeks to improve the lives of these Americans through collaboration among patients with sleep disorders, sleep providers, and the public on key issues facing the sleep community. 

The AAHS will improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders by engaging policy makers and the public to enhance understanding of and care for sleep disorders, providing support services to patients with sleep disorders, and promoting healthy sleep in all populations.

The AAHS was founded to give sleep patients a larger voice in the health care conversation by providing a strong, united front for the millions of individuals affected by sleep disorders. Patients will have access to the tools and community needed to affect change in their own lives as well as of those of their fellow patients. The AAHS seeks to partner patients and providers to determine shared goals that all members can address together. Because the AAHS will include both patient and provider members, the AAHS will be in the unique position to break down barriers to collaboration while facilitating discussion and solutions that address the concerns of both patients and providers together. The AAHS also hopes to partner with other established sleep and patient organizations to address mutual goals and further the reach of the community as a whole.

The AAHS is now accepting members, including patients, providers, and anyone else who is interested in healthy sleep. The AAHS encourages anyone interested in helping patients with sleep disorder to become a member.  Membership is only $25 and is valid for two years; membership includes:
  • Support Services addressing sleep disorders
  • Connection with fellow patients and sleep providers
  • Tools to help promote healthy sleep
  • Participation in advocacy initiatives
  • Up-to date information and resources, including members only articles and blogs
  • Quarterly AAHS newsletter highlighting current news and features
  • Access to membership directory
  • Online access to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Invitations to AAHS events and special opportunities
With the support of all patients with sleep disorders, sleep providers and healthy sleep advocates, the AAHS can become a driving force for patient advocacy as well as a key resource and support network for patients with sleep disorders. Through collaboration and cooperation, we can improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders, address ongoing concerns of the entire sleep community, and improve the health of the nation.